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In Dublin there is a lovely antique jewellery shop called Rhinestones. It is just a short walk from Grafton street and I pass it often on my way to and from lecturing. Every now and then I go in and look at all the stunning pieces that hang in multitudes in various display cases. The whole place glitters and shines and is a true Aladdin’s cave filled with jewels, silver and gold.

I have rarely purchased anything as the price tags are often higher than my budget allows for but I love looking at the costume jewellery, the antique gold, the vintage designs and studio silver. But a few days ago  I was able to splurge and buy myself something special.

In less than two weeks time I’ll be donning cap and gown and going to my graduation to receive my Masters in Creative Writing. My generous Godmother is nearly as pleased about this as I am and she gave me a monetary gift with the stipulation I was to buy myself something I normally wouldn’t – and so I did.

At first I was drawn to items way beyond my price range proving to myself that I do have very expensive taste but after a little while I had picked out a handful of items I really liked and could afford: two rings and three pendants on silver chains.  After trying them on I soon settled for one from the 60s. At it’s center it holds a glass Aventurine and is surrounded by three rotatable rings.

But because I really like a 70s Chalcedory ring as well, and I still had some money left in my budget, the lovely shop girl gave me a deal and I was able to afford both. I had never heard of Chalcedory before but is is a variety of quartz.

Mine is of a milky grayish hue and seemingly the stone promotes enthusiasm, openness and transforms melancholy into joy. It is said to bring mind, body and spirit into harmony, increase physical energy and ease self-doubt.

Now I don’t know if I believe in the ‘healing properties’ of stones – to me it all sounds a little bit hippy-dippy – but since this gem seems to be filled with positive attributes I think I’ll allow for the possibility and hope it turns out to be true.