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I own several winter scarves but I have a favourite one that I’ve had for years. It’s a wine red and grey tartan about two meters long and half a meter wide. Technically it’s not even a scarf but a long bit of woolen material with a seam running around it’s edges. And technically it wasn’t even mine but my sisters first – until she gave it to me when I was about 17 and I’ve been wearing it ever since.

However my mother often asks me if I don’t own other scarves since it features so heavily in my winter wardrobe, always wondering if I wouldn’t consider trying something different.

So this year I made the effort to look around the shops and see if I could find one I liked as much as the one I own, but I couldn’t. So instead I decided that maybe I should make one, knit one.

I bought a skein of teal coloured Aran wool and looked for a pattern online. After finding one I really liked I wound the skein into a ball realising I’d probably need more if I wanted the scarf to be nice and long. But not to be deterred I began knitting my new scarf.

13 rows in I had to unravel, I had miscounted and the pattern was way more complicated than I thought. So I tried again and again I had to unravel and I just couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong. I briefly considered an easier pattern but I didn’t want to be defeated by the wool.

Finally I managed to get it right and I now have 18 rows of scarf knitted. However if I keep up this pace I won’t have it finished this winter. Since I want the scarf to be long I have many hours of counting and probably unraveling ahead of me and I just hope that I either can quicken my pace or that next years winter will be cold.