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My Mondays are often filled with organizing and preparing but yesterday my usual trudge was interrupted by a knock on the door. Outside stood the postman with  parcel in his arms – a shoe box filled with goodies just for me.

Unable to hold my curiosity I abandoned all of my tasks and unpacked the parcel at once. Inside were boxes of my favourite fruity teas – a must at this time of year. Bags of licorice, some chocolates, those fizzy mineral thingies I love and a fold-up shopping bag quoting Cinderella.

My good Friend C has just come back from a trip to Germany and she was my postal fairy godmother. Not only did I feel much loved and very special that she took the time to pack me a parcel but I am thrilled how well she knows what I like.

And while I know delayed gratification is meant to be good for you I decided to not wait and indulged in a cup of tea and a treat before I went back to my desk. The perfect way to interrupt the day and an even better way to start the week!

German goodies just for me

German goodies just for me