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I love the open fireplace in my living-room, there is just something so relaxing about sitting in front of a blazing fire while enjoying a cup of tea. I love watching the flames dance as warmth and the fragrant smell of turf fills the room.

So on Saturday night the chimney sweep came to make sure it would be safe to light a fire. I was amazed how quick and efficient he was and I was even more amazed how little soot came down and how quickly he had the whole thing tidied up again. He even fastened a carbon monoxide alarm to the wall to keep me safe.

Yesterday evening it was finally time, I made myself a cup of tea, lit a match and ignited a fire. I then spent the evening with my feet up enjoying my first fire of the season, reading, knitting and watching TV.

The only problem was that it was so cozy and lovely that I stayed up well beyond my bedtime hours. Now I hope that the chimney sweep left some of his luck behind and this week will be filled with wonderful surprises.

first fire of the season

first fire of the season