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Sundays are the days I often spend on my own, reading, cleaning, watching good/bad TV and more often than not I begin organising the week that lies ahead. But yesterday afternoon I broke from habit and met up with a friend in our local pub.

Since I’m not a big fan of beer a drop of blackcurrant into my Guinness sweetened the deal and I enjoyed the malty taste. We sat and chatted over an early pint and met a few colourful locals.

Some football was on the big screen but most sat and talked, a family with three kids sat in the corner sharing packets of crisps while the parents each nursed a pint. Three hipsters chatted in muted tones, there hair perfectly coiffed their trousers pulled low. Tucked away in a corner a couple of old men in their Sunday best talked about racing their faces wrinkly from past smiles, their hands hugging their pint. At the bar some scaffolders, razor blade bald and full of banter making fun of everyone who dared enter but making more fun of each other.

So while you won’t be finding me down in the pub every Sunday it was great to get out and jump into something new and enjoy a Sunday afternoon with friends. So maybe every now and then I’ll wander down for a pint and a bit of banter and turn my local into a place to discover more about Dublin life.

a pint with a friend

a pint with a friend