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Today is one of those mornings in Dublin when the sky just seems to be in a bit of a mood and won’t turn on the sun. Clouds hide every patch of possible blue and the light disperses into grey.

It feels like a permanent dusk has descended, time has seemingly dissolved with the light, yet  it hasn’t affected my mood as I quite enjoy this feeling of suspended time. And since grey skies mean lit fires the scrumptious smell of burning turf is in the air creating images of cosy homes and happy hearts in my mind.

I know many struggle when the sun goes into hiding but for me it is as if a door between reality and dreams has been left on the latch, as if anything could happen. Halloween is just a few short weeks away and my neighbours have already decorated their homes with spooks, ghouls and witches, adding to the atmosphere of otherworldliness.

So before I head out to meet the day, I think, I will enjoy this grey morning just a little while longer, my mug of tea warming me from within.