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Habits are hard to break, even harder when you’ve had years of building up the habit. For me it was cups and cups of black tea all day long. A while back I decided I had to try and and ween myself off this caffeine inducing habit and over the summer I was able to stick to my new herbal/fruit tea regime.

But once I settled back into my Dublin life again I fell back into my bad tea drinking habit. I found it hard to resit the call of yummy Irish tea – with a dash of milk the perfect hot source of comfort.  However, since my recent Canadian visitor left a beautiful bone china cup as a surprise gift behind I have been back to drinking herbals, fruit and licorice in the afternoon, and I feel better for it.

I’m not quite sure what made me switch again, maybe it’s the pretty forest scene (Sunset in the Bush c.1918) by Canadian artist Frank Johnston that makes me what herbal over black, maybe it’s because the tea tastes so much better when sipped from fine bone china, or maybe it’s the fact that the cup is square – not round.

Whatever the reason I have been enjoying my afternoons sitting at my desk, the flavours of herbs and fruit filling my nostrils looking at a beautiful cup and remembering a good friend.

my new fine bone china cup

my new fine bone china cup