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Over the past year or so I have been taking part in online competitions, maybe one a week if I come across it and always in the hope I’ll win a few Euros. Sadly I haven’t been overly successful as of yet – no spa breaks or big ticket prizes have come my way so far. But I have won a pair of cinema tickets (I was hoping for a trip that time) and enjoyed a night out with a friend and last week I won even bigger: a leather camera bag.

I was hoping to win the €5,000 prize but I am absolutely delighted I won the bag. Now my camera and lenses (it fits just about two) will be nestled in soft luxury while I carry them around with me. I can just about slide my iPad into the back and  the little front pocket is just big enough my purse, my glasses a pen and notebook. Now I can’t wait to go on a little trip and try my new camera bag out so maybe I’ll board a train sometime this month and go on an adventure.

But now I’ve bagged a win I definitely won’t be giving up those competitions anytime soon – and hopefully I’ll win a  trip or a few Euros if I keep trying.


a beautiful leather camera bag

a beautiful leather camera bag