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Yesterday my neighbour, her little boy and I took a trip to the beach. Our main mission was to pick some sea buckthorns  (sandthorns). It’s tricky business cutting the berries from the branches, they are too soft to pluck as they burst between your fingers, so you need to cut them.  And since they are armed with long, pointy thorns cloves are a must. But since they are really healthy and yummy too it’s well worth – even if you have to freeze them for 24hours before you can use them.

Once we had filled our bags we decided to enjoy some time on the beach and unpacked spades, buckets and a kite. With the wind  reaching blustery heights the kite took of and a bee danced above our heads. Sadly the wind soon got too much, we had sand in our ears, our mouths and in our eyes, making it impossible to stay. So we built a final sand castle and said good-bye.

sandthorn sandthorn2 beach kite yellow bucketsspades paddle sand