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The summer seems to be back for  a short visit, the temperatures are high (for Ireland) and the sun is shining more than it should at this time of year. It really is an Indian summer, the best time for a visit to Dublin.

And that is exactly what a friend from overseas is going to do as she is coming to stay for a few days. And while I am excited that she is coming it does mean I need to get the house ready for her visit and make sure I can spend some time with her and not be tied to my desk all the time.

She flew in from Canada yesterday and I am sure she’ll still be battling jet-lag when she knocks on my door, so I have made sure the bed is ready for her, clean sheets and throw pillows inviting her to lay down, creating a home far away from home. After all when you’re traveling it’s always nice to have a cosy place  to call you own.

But since I need to clear my desk and tidy up a bit before she arrives I better get my butt into gear before I greet my guest from afar. And I’ll make sure we won’t have far to go when it comes to lunch!