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It’s that time of year again were you find your friends packing their suitcases and heading out to discover far flung and foreign places. In two weeks it will be me who will be packing her bags, not so much for a holiday, and not to a very far flung foreign place either, but I will be heading over to Germany to write – retreat if you will.

I am really looking forward to a change in pace, a different sort of life, even if only for a few weeks (well six to be exact). And while I have no idea what I’ll be coming back to (some job related issues) just being able to board a plane and fly away is an enticing idea. Especially since this  feeling that has been bubbling up inside me for a while now can only be described with the the German word “Fernweh” which literally means “having an ache for a distant place”.

Of course I know that once I’m gone, after a while, I’ll be longing for my own bed and my own things that surround me. But for now I am excited about the idea of an adventure and can’t wait. And I won’t need to wait long, in exactly two weeks I’ll be picking up my bags and locking my front door behind me. But there are a few things I need to sort out before then, and I have many lists to write – six weeks is a long time to plan for. So my ‘Fernweh’ will just have to wait for a bit, just a little one!