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We’ve been having the most beautiful weather for the past week and with that my household duties have been more than just neglected – forgotten and ignored would be more apt. But since my mother will be visiting for a few nights and the sun is exposing all that the shadows normally hide I think it is time to whip out the duster and get to it.

The only problem is that I hate dusting – cleaning in general. After all it always feels somewhat pointless, as as soon as you put down the broom dust begins to accumulate again. And then of course there is the added issue of small urban dwellings, with dirt literally just outside your door and fumes in the air it is hard to keep those floors sparkling and shelves polished.

But since I do have a lot of knick-knacks, bric-a-brac or memories stored in items dotted around the place, dusting always turns into somewhat of a marathon. Maybe that is what so many chose to live with ‘clean lines’ and ‘white surfaces’  and avoid the more cluttered up look. However no matter how appealing that may seem when it comes to cleaning I love surrounding myself with bits and pieces of my life and don’t think I’ll ever change that.

And as much as I hate cleaning, I do love a clean and tidy house.  So with that in mind I’d better put on my bandana and dust the morning away. With the help of some loud sing-a-long music I’m sure I’ll have dusted away the cobwebs in no time – and who knows, maybe by doing so my mind will be free to allow an uncluttered path for my still absent muse.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.

Marie Kondo

my new mop

getting ready to swing the mop