Dublin is experiencing something of a heatwave – non-stop sun has been gracing our skies and it looks like it’s to stay this way. Of course that means that everyone is in a good mood, shorts are pulled out from below the long legged pants and sunburn red seems to be the colour of the moment.

The only problem is that the lure of the outdoors tugs and pulls at me while I try and get my word-count up. After all who wants to be strapped to their laptop when the sun is inviting you to play outside. But since I am lagging behind and my novel won’t type itself I am trying my very best to ignore the sun.

My reward will be a catch up with a friend later on this evening and some free tickets to go and see Me Before You’ before it is on general release on Friday. And then of course there is always the dessert of choice when the weather is warm – ice-cream!

sunny Dublin

sunny Dublin