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For the next few days I’ll be car-less, not because my old beat up banger has given up but because I have given up my car to a friend.

Last night I was already in my PJs curled up in front of the TV a cup of tea in my hand, when I got a very distressed call. A good friend of mine had just dropped her car off at a garage as the transmission was not transmitting and needed a replacement for a few days. For several reasons she couldn’t get a rental and she needs it for work.

So now my car is driving around Dublin without me and I have to figure out how to get from A to B without my four wheels. Luckily I still have my two wheels and the bus will get me most other places. And since it will only be for a week I am sure I’ll survive, I will just need to change a few plans.

And who knows, maybe being less mobile will force me to spend more time at my desk, working on my novel!

not my ride

not my ride