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Sitting across from my colleague I was faced with a new sensation when she pulled out a beautiful pink grapefruit: fruit envy! It was just past twelve and lunch was still a bit away so the sight of a juicy ripe piece of fruity yummyness literally made my mouth water.

After watching her for a while I decided I really wanted some fruit too. So I popped down to the lovely greengrocers across the road and stocked up on some fruity goodness.

Now the greengrocer is an experience in it self – it is one of those garage style places with an open front and just boxes and crates filled with fruit and veg in all their shapes and sizes. The owner listens to loud music that tends to vary somewhere between jazz, musicals and the occasional opera. He is full of banter and smiles, sings along to what ever is playing (loud and off-key) and loves a bit of a flirt.

Of course I ended up buying more than I needed, I just couldn’t resist the pale pink South African pears or the succulent clementines, and the owner even popped in an extra pear and an extra banana into my bag too – must have been my willingness to flirt right back and laugh at his jokes.

Back in the office another colleague noticed my bag of fruit and I realized – fruit envy is contagious. So I offered him some of my extra goodies. As we all sat an munched on our fruit I was delighted at how healthy we all were.

I just hope she doesn’t pull out a bar of chocolate today – chocolate envy is way to bad for me!

healthy snack before lunch

healthy snack before lunch