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Marketing strategies and advertising campaigns are all around us, even if we may not always know it or even see it. But the one campaign that many unsuspecting coffee drinkers seem to not be aware of is the blogging of Starbucks cups because of misspellt names.

Whether or not this started out as simple mistakes or it is a purely customer driven campaign, it is sort of genius to utilize Instagram and Facebook pics and irate tweets to populate the internet with photos of the Starbucks logo. But it really bugs me and makes me want to boycott them more.

As someone who doesn’t like Starbucks – their coffee is just really expensive foamy milk and sugar – it is just another reason for me to not walk through their ever increasing number of doors in Dublin. I’d much rather spend my hard earned Euros in small, privately owned coffee shops and the wonderful Irish coffee chain Butlers (On a side note: Butlers allows you to select a praline with each cup of tea or coffee – genius and yummy marketing strategy).

And while I do understand the hoards of tourists looking for free WiFi when they travel, in Dublin Starbucks is far from the only solution. Most places offer up their broadband for free and the whole city has lots of hotspots anyway.

So if you happen to be visiting Dublin I’d recommend you join me in a Starbuck boycott and find all the wonderful and quirky little coffee shops dotted around the place. Leave your Euros with the locals and don’t put your hard earned cash into the pockets of huge conglomerates.

some afternoon tea

some milky tea off the beaten track