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Today is a bank holiday – this means we all have an extra day to add on to our weekend.  And I ave to admit I am loving it. After handing in my short story final on Friday (three stories and about 7000 words) I really felt I deserved a few days off. Well, at least a few days of doing less.

So I spent the last two days at home, catching up on my reading (and sleep), designing a friends wedding invitation and not doing very much at all. However i had made plans to meet up with a friend in Enfield today, it was long overdue.

However as I tried to start my car, it just wouldn’t. It sat like a sulky tortoise outside my home and wouldn’t budge. I have no idea if it’s the battery (I hope it’s the battery) or if my car has finally decided to die. If so I am at a loss- I can’t afford  anew one. But then maybe it’s just my car taking the day off too – a bank holiday for all!

Not willing to give up I have now decided to take the train. Hopefully I can use the hour to work on my novel. After all it would be the perfect way to spend the time while green landscape whizzes by.

my little mobile office

my little mobile office