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This morning a parcel arrived filled with Easter treats – my brother and his family had sent me some sweet reminders that they were thinking of me. But the nicest thing hidden in between the marzipan eggs and other delicious German sweets was a hand drawn me an Easter Egg.

He is four-and-a-half years old (a half is really important at that age) and he is quite the little artist. I have a few of his creations and was delighted to add another work of art to my kitchen gallery.

And I have to admit it was a lovely way to start the day – week even. Especially since I feel quite stressed with the work load I am currently carrying. In a few weeks time I have to hand in so much work for my Masters and since the semester is coming to an end there is a lot of grading piling up. So the sweet pick-me-up was greatly appreciated and  made me smile.

So even if it was a little late for Easter the parcel arrived at the perfect time !

my nephews art work

my nephews art work