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The company I am currently doing some contracted work for moved recently. The new office is now further away from my home – hence the longer cycle – but it is larger and everything is new.

However while the move of all the office furniture and workers may be complete a lot of things still aren’t completed. So yesterday a crew of handymen arrived bright and early, their overalls professionally splattered and their tool-belts hanging low on their hips and pliers artfully hocked into back pockets. All morning long these handy handymen strolled around the office like modern day cowboys, puling their drill to put up flatscreens, whipping out their level to measure and mounting their stepladders in a casual manner.

There was three of them, two older, one younger. One wearing a dark blue woolly hat, the other two with closely shorn hair. One with a bushy hipster beard the other two clean shaven. One speaking loudly in an unmistakable  Dublin inner-city accent (where’s me fella – give us me yoke – ah, he’s after leggin it  – now we’re suckin diesel – youse, c’m here) while the other two mainly listened.

And while I enjoyed watching their carefully choreographed ballet of carrying, lifting and standing around with followed arms  I have to admit the banging and drilling was quite distracting and I didn’t get too much done – handymen may be handy bit not handy for my work!