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Most days you’ll find me cycling in and out to work, battling the traffic and hoping it will do me more physical good than harm. It’s a good 20-25 minutes cycle each way and a small stretch is up a steeper, longer hill than I would like.

This morning, when I buckled on my helmet and zipped up my all weather jacket (which actually is a complete misleading term, it is fine against the wind but not really against the rain), I was thrilled to see the sun shining brightly and only a few white fluffy clouds in the sky.

Oh, but how deceived I was.

I quickly discovered that the ‘blustery winds’ the weather man had forecast were much stronger than he had promised and soon I was huffing and puffing against the wind. My heavy bike and large (full) saddlebags  catching the wind and soon I am sure my face was as red as my rage against the misleading weather.

The whole 25 minutes peddling in to work I was giving out to the wind and when I hit the hill, I am unashamed to admit, that I got off my bike and pushed. I arrived in work in time – maybe a little more out of breath than usual and happy that I for a  few minutes I had the office to myself- giving my mood (and face) a bit of time to settle down.

Now all I hope is that the wind doesn’t change direction – that way I’ll have it in my back the whole way home, a extra bit of push after a long days work.

bikes for all to use

Dublin bikes for all to use – I prefer my own