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After a lovely weekend and some time spent doing as I pleased the cycle in to work yesterday just felt endlessly long. It may have been the fact that every single light turned red, it could have been my extremely heavy saddle bags weighing me down, or the wind blowing against me all the way in. But whatever the reason it was a long cycle in to town.

Maybe that is why I am so delighted to be able to spend the day working from home today – the luxury of sitting at my own desk (no matter how uncomfortable my chair is- I really need a new one) and drinking tea from my own mug is just pure bliss. And while I still need to go in to lecture this evening it still feels a little bit like a holiday.

Of course that doesn’t mean I have nothing to do – my to-do list is a s long as ever – but being able to stay in bed a little longer than normal, being able to stay put for a while and not have one eye focused on the clock all morning makes for the perfect start to my day.

Tomorrow everything is back to normal and my legs will be peddling as fast as they can, but with the Easter break just a few days away I think I’ll manage – no matter how long the cycle in to work may be.

bike sculpture

bike sculpture in Berlin – but oddly enough not dissimilar as how bikes are locked to the few stands around Dublin.