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Happy St Patrick’s Day. Unusually the sun has decided to stick around so this year the parade with be bathed in sun, not rain. But for me – with a to-do-list longer than any the snake St Patrick drove out of Ireland – my day will be filled with work and chores.

While I type this the washing machine is on spin cycle and my mind is whirling around at the same speed – thoughts of what I need to do, what should be done and what I want to do all mixed up together, with the occasional ‘red sock’ grabbing my attention.

However I may just give myself an hour or two to tidy up my tiny back yard and do up my windowsills, plant some green in hour of our Irish patron Saint. And since it is a Bank Holiday here maybe I’ll even allow myself some time to read on my blue bench out in the sun.

the only green decorating my windowsill

the only green decorating my windowsill