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This morning there is the sense of holidays floating around the desks in the office. Everywhere there are stacks of grey and pink crates filled with the content of drawers and office supplies. The company I am currently contracted to work for is on the move!

Come Monday morning their somewhat rundown North Side home will be abandoned and replaced with a shiny new South Side premises. Moving an entire office seems to hold many challenges, but now that all the sorting, throwing out and packing has been done, the packers will do all the hard lifting tomorrow. So when everyone arrives (if they can find it that is) at the new office on Monday morning it will be a little like Christmas – crates unpacked and desks reorganised.

I won’t be moving until Wednesday (I am only in the office during the later part of the week) and I still don’t know where I’ll be going – let alone where I’ll be sitting. But I am sure, come Wednesday morning, I’ll find my way and someone will give me a chair and desk. And since I only have two small folders and a couple of pens and post-its loitering on my desk, my friendly desk neighbour is giving my few bits and bobs crate-asylum until I find a home in the new office.

Somehow this state of ‘in-betweeness’ has created an unusual atmosphere, excitement paired with busyness, inactivity and uncertainty mixed with hyper action and clear instructions buzzes around me – making it hard to concentrate on my task at hand – read and edit a technical manual.

So while I try to block out the chatter with my green headphones and read the words in front of me I can’t help but be infected with the flutter of newness that is all around me.

Editing while on the move, maybe not the ideal working combination but exciting none the less.