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Since I started my Masters in Creative Writing one question keeps cropping up – why do we write? Why do we spend time telling stories/ Why do we labour over words and sentences wondering if it reads the way we want it to? Why do we think others are interested in what we have to say?

Yesterday, in pursuit of possible answers and helpful thoughts, I went to the launch of Stinging Fly’s latest magazine In the Wake of the Rising. Stinging Fly is an independent Publisher that promotes Irish Literary Fiction.

In the Wake of the Rising started with editor Sean O’Reilly asking a question: How (and who) would writers response to the events of the Easter Rising in 1916, the background and the legacy – and to the Proclamation itself?  Some answers can be found between the pages, in the short stories and poems, thoughts, ideas and fantasies.

The launch was thought provoking, in particular Professor Michael Cronin’s (Humanities and Social Sciences at Dublin City University) introduction – and some of the authors shared their ideas.So as I listened and let the words sink in I wasn’t really surprised to not find the answers I was looking for, instead I found more questions!