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I woke up this morning to find my skylight covered in snow – not the nice fluffy kind but the wet slushy kind – and knew that this would mean chaos.

Dublin doesn’t get much snow, so when it does most people, and amenities, just don’t seem to be able to cope: traffic goes mad, people stay home, kids get excited (even over slush) and Dublin isn’t quite in working order.

With that in mind I left a little bit earlier for work and arrived 15minutes earlier than usual – not the 30 minutes later like I expected. It was odd entering the office with only three early birds there to greet me. As the morning progressed it became clear my idea of leaving early was the wise choice, nearly everyone was late and at 10am we still had a few MiC (missing in commute).

But something else also happens when we have one rare snow day – people seem to change. The normal comments about the weather accelerate and a shift in mood happens. Somehow most people become even more laid back than usual – sure if you can blame everything on the snow nothing is really anyone’s fault – and everyone just gets on as best as possible, the excuse of snow always ready to explain everything away.

And of course there is always home, a glass of wine and the fire to round off a perfect snow day!