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A day later than usual it’s time to turn the page on the calendar and welcome Spring. Now I know that many may follow the astronomical beginning of Spring, which is the 20th of March, but I prefer the meteorological way. After all it’s easier to divide the year into quarters.

So, with Spring arriving on our doorsteps I can only hope the weather will follow suit – today it seems to be delayed with strong winds dominating Dublin. I long for a bit of warmth, not just because it will make my bike rides easier, but mainly because I am fed up with wearing all these layers of clothing.

I long to put away my boots and socks and slip into my sandals. I can’t wait to shut the drawer on my vests and stash away my jumpers, short sleeves and trouser legs are calling out to my pale sun unkissed skin.

But for now I will just have to keep warm and wait until Spring fulfills its promise and delivers some sunshine.

the new picture on my calendar today - Newgrange 2015

the new picture on my calendar today – Newgrange 2015