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The last few mornings have been very cold, when I open my eyes I am greeted with frost flowers covering the skylight above my bed. On the bike I pedal hard to not feel the cold but my lungs aren’t enjoying the excessive intake of cold air as I draw breath. Freezing from the inside out – I wonder if that is a thing. Cups of hot tea and a blazing fire in the evenings are the upside of the cold weather.

Snowdrops, crocuses and tiny daffodils are emerging from the earth, buds bursting open in flashes of colour on my windowsill and under the trees in the park and it makes me think of Spring.

So to counter act the ice flowers on the windows I decided I wanted to brighten up my home and bought two bunches of daffodils – at fist they were still closed up and hiding from the world but two days in the warmth of my home and they have exploded into bright yellow trumpet heads – as if heralding spring. I added a colorful runner to my dinning table and now the bright burst of colours really cheers up the room and me up too– a small sign that warmer weather isn’t too far away, a hopeful promise of sunshine.