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Today just wasn’t my day – and I don’t even really know why! Maybe it was the weather, the murky skies and the drizzle really can get to you at times. Maybe it was because I have so much to do and not enough time. Maybe it was because my writing hasn’t been going well lately and I am very much behind. Maybe it was because my money worries are just getting to me. But then maybe it was just ‘caus.

Not wanting to let the mood ruin more than today I decided to treat myself to a bunch of flowers – and lucky me they were on sale – leftover, unwanted Valentine’s roses. And then one of my lovely fellow students gave me (and the other women in class) a box of Cadbury roses for Valentine’s day – a surprise, sweet treat. So now, even though nothing has really changed, i think maybe everything is coming up roses after all!

roses CadRoses


Keira Knightly in Begin again – a wonderful film