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Everyone around me seems to have the sniffles, some have even succumb to full blow colds. The spluttering and coughing on the bus has become a permanent fixture and tissues seem to be in in everyone’s hands. For me this is a bit of a worry, since I literally can’t afford to get sick.  With the semester now back in full swing, for both lecturing and my masters, and having just stared my new job my biggest concern – other than getting everywhere on time – is staying healthy.

To help my immune system out I have now added a few healthy potions to my daily diet, in the hope that the flu will pass me by and to keep my energy levels up.

Since I was child I have (mostly) taken cod liver oil in all months that have an ‘r’ – starting in September all the way up to April I have swallowed a spoon-full of the golden goodness or popped a capsule into my mouth while having breakfast.  With the high levels of the vitamins D and A, omega-3  and fatty acids cod liver oil is an old remedy that helps up your immune system, is good for your brain, joints and skin.

A few months ago I started taking a capsule of Rhodiola rosea every morning with my breakfast. This herb has been used since 77Ad and it is said  help with lots of different things. It is thoughts to improve energy levels, enhance immunity and memory,  strengthen the nervous system, fight depression, elevate the capacity for exercise, aid weight reduction. I don’t know if it s working but I haven’t been sick since I started using it so it doesn’t seem to be harming me either!

But now I have added something new – a green powder of a superfood mix. Now I didn’t come up with this on my own but my lovely (extremely health conscious) neighbour told me about it and suggested it would help – in particular for energy levels. A natural skeptic I am not sure if it will help – but it really can’t do any harm since it 100% natural no added sugars and filled with known goodness. So this mix of Maca, Lucuma, Hemp, Barley Grass , Kelp and Spirulina (both seaweed types) is meant to lift up my energy, keep me healthy and add all those vitamins I may otherwise be missing.

And while the powder is really yummy (the one I have is quite savory – tastes of tomatoes and herbs – so I have been putting it into tomato juice or in my salad) I can only hope that this healthy powder does it’s job and all cold bacillus stay away. But if not at least I know I have tried and that’s really all one can do.