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A while ago my neighbour and I had talked about having game nights – we both enjoy a good trow of the dice or and a shuffle of cards ever now and then. So last night I wandered down a few meters of the road and knocked at my neighbours door, a  bottle of dark red Primitivo in my hand and the game Phase Ten Masters tucked under my arm.

After some cleaning (how is it that I am still finding Christmas tree needles even though I have cleaned a few times between now and taking down the tree?), doing some washing and trying to get some work done in advance, sitting down for a good chinwag, a glass of vino and playing cards was the perfect ending to a long Sunday.

An added benefit was that I won! Not only the whole game but most of the rounds, even-though my neighbour did cheat (I have no idea what and how she was adding up). There truly is something very satisfying about ending the week with a win and an empty bottle of wine.