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Finally Friday – after a week of long days and short nights I am truly looking forward to the weekend. Not only am I lacking a few hours sleep I am also longing for a break in climbing four flights of stairs.

Since Tuesday I have had to walk up and down four flights of stairs at least twice a day – always a heavy bag on my shoulder and a little out of breath from cycling through crazy Dublin traffic.

Not only is my new job housed at the very top of an old industrial building four floors up with no lift but also ALL of my classes for my masters are at taking place in the attic – at the very top of the Oscar Wilde house – four extra long flights of stairs up the old Georgian house (high ceilings do have their downsides). And then yesterday I was also teaching in an old building, again all the way up on the attic – so another four flights added to my step count.

So now with the weekend only a few steps away I can’t wait to give my legs a rest – and the rest of me too!

wooden staircase

wooden staircase