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The tree is still up the New Year is  a few days away and I have somehow succumb to the post-Christmas haze. I think it may a combination of nearly a week of too much good food,  hours spent at home in front of the fire knitting and reading, meeting friends and bringing another friend and her sick kitty to the vet.

I have somehow lost track of what day it is, but then who can blame me when someone has renamed them all to Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Stephen’s Day and yesterday was a Bank Holiday (I think maybe today is one too). But looking at the calendar I have realized I only have two days left in Dublin before I head out to Germany and panic has set in.

Most of today will be taken up with a wedding and the list of things left to do is longer than my arm so I doubt that I will manage it all. After all one day (tomorrow) of rushing around just will not be enough – especially since the haze has got me in it’s grip.

However with all that said I have had a lovely Christmas and expect no less of the New Year. So with the words of Taylor Swift I will just have “to shake it off” and get my lazy butt into gear – after I’ve enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and a hot shower that is!