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Christmas Eve is only a few days away so I decided it was finally time to decorate the tree. I bought my tree at the weekend and I have to admit it is not the prettiest. But since I was limited with funds and space I really had the one choice. So I decided to pick the runt of the tree litter and just hope my decorations can distract from its oddness.

So, yesterday (after leaving the tree to stand for a day) I finally decorated it and I have to say it isn’t looking too bad – although I am wondering how green it will be on Christmas as it is shedding needles like there’s no tomorrow.

But since I will be leaving for Germany to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in Berlin I think I may just leave the tree up until I leave. That way I won’t come home to just a pile of needles and empty branches.

For now the tree stands pride of place and the gifts under the tree are waiting to be distributed over the next few days. And I am really looking forward to meeting up with friends and getting into the Christmas spirit. Sadly the temperatures aren’t really christmassy so no white Christmas in sight this year and I will just have to hope that Germany may deliver a sprinkling of snow.