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Yesterday I handed in my pre-Christmas assignment for my novel writing class (8000+ words) and somehow that created the strange sense of weekend within me. And I don’t know why.

It’s not as if there still isn’t lots to do, I still have to edit and grade my students magazine work, I sill have two to three short-stories to hand in by the 20th and I have a whole list of other  things to complete before the week is out.

Nevertheless, yesterday I somehow ended up sitting in front of the fire indulging is some afternoon TV and knitting socks. And today I still can’t shake that weekend feeling, that sense that it’s a Saturday and I can do as I please.

Maybe it’s because I lost my weekend to writing and now my mind is demanding some time to relax. Or maybe it’s the windy weather outside that is making the indoors so attractive.

Either way, after finding myself reading the same sentence over and over again (not taking it in) or gazing out of the window at nothing one too many times I have decided to cut my losses. And since I do have a few books I still need to read (I am calling it ‘research’ for my masters) I think my afternoon will be spent curled up on my armchair with a cup of tea and a story.

And who knows maybe that will help inspire me and I’ll get some writing done later – after all the day isn’t over yet.

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it

Journalist Sydney J. Harris