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birthdayAt 7.30am this morning the postman was surprised at how quickly I answered the door, but then it is my birthday and I was hoping for post. And there is truly no better way to start your day than opening a few parcels and letters over breakfast.

Then my  morning was peppered with phone calls, visits, emails and texts, making me feel loved and cared for. But as the day flew by I still had a few things to do, work just doesn’t care if you would rather be spending time celebrating, so I’ve ended up sitting at my desk writing emails .

But now, as the day turns to evening I think it’s time to sit and write, after all my next MfA deadlines are on the horizon and I need to get typing. So, while work is still trying to lure me back, i have decided that it’s birthday and I’ll write if I want to – and yes I think I may even indulge in some chocolate marzipan hearts as I do so.