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xs and os

Xs & Os

I love playing games, the old fashioned kind that involve a board, cards or a few dice and while of course I love to win, I actually really just enjoy the playing (and yes my sister and brother may now be huffing and puffing in disbelief).

The sense of excitement when you hold the perfect cards in your hands, and the feeling of dismay when you know your going to lose. That tingle of hope when it’s your turn and you dare to believe that you’ll throw the right number on your dice and the thrill when you beat everyone and can declare your victory – and when you can’t, the knowledge that you can always play another game.

Unlike in life, playing games allows for do-overs and maybe that is why they don’t ever seem to go out of style. And since most games require two or players they create a space for laughter, fun, arguments and lots of time spent together.