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A muse sitting at Goethes feet,

hoping that this Muse will inspire me to and not just Goethe (Berlin)

Next week I have to hand in work for my masters and I am beginning to panic a little. After three days of banning myself from going anywhere and sitting at my desk I  am feeling quite frustrated.

Somehow the words just aren’t coming the way they should and I am very much behind on my word count. I can only hope that things will go better today and that words will drip from my fingers creating beautiful sentences.

As time ticks by my mind is spinning out of control, to many thoughts but no real ideas. But I have no choice but to keep typing and hope that somehow I will pull it off.  After all I knew once I started this Masters it would be hard work, and now I just need to press on and get it done.

Like American author Jack London so aptly put it:

You can’t wait for Inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.