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orangeWe may be having a bit of an Indian summer here in Dublin but autumn is well and truly here. If you don’t believe just look up and see how the leaves are now all turning a from vivid orange and look around to see the bright orange Halloween decorations appearing on windowsills.

As our world turns orange, even if only for a short while, I was amazed to find out two very interesting facts about this vivid colour.

The first was that it has been proven that bright orange physically improves the oxygen supply to the brain, which in turn improves mental awareness and stimulation. This basically means that the colour orange helps you concentrate and possibly makes you somewhat smarter.

The second interesting fact is that orange also stimulates your appetite. Maybe this is because lots of home grown foods turn a vivid shade of orange when the are ripe – just think of carrots, pumpkins and nectarines – or maybe it has to do with needing more food in the colder months. But either way it is the reason why many restaurants choose an orange hue in their decor.

An added bonus is of course, for both people and restaurants alike, is that orange is widely know to improve communication and spontaneity.