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What is a happy place? I think there are as many answers to this question as there are stars in the sky and people on this planet.

For me I have several happy places. On a wet and windy autumn afternoon it’s in front of the fire on my striped Queen’s Ann chair with a good book or a film to entertain me. On a sunny afternoon in spring it’s finding a few minutes to enjoy a cup of tea on the blue bench outside my home. In the summer it’s time spent on the beach,  the sea tickling my feet and the sun and wind on my face. Or when I get the chance to travel and have the delight of seeing things for the first time, the moment of discovery creating a sensation of pure joy. And then there is that moment, after a long tiring day, when you crawl into bed and your body just sighs in relaxation.

So choosing just one happy place for this Weekly Photo Challenge is very challenging indeed. After thinking long and hard about this I have decided that currently (since I’ve started my Masters)  my happiest place is when I sit down in the evening – after all my work and reading is done – and get a chance to work on some socks I’ve been knitting.

knitting socks

Happiness depends upon ourselves.