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If you FALL, I’ll be there


After an extremely busy and challenging week today I feel as though I am in free fall. My plans deconstructed and the future uncertain I am struggling to see where things are going.

As I slowly reorganise my life, apply for jobs and attempt to right the wrong I find it hard to feel overly enthusiastic or excited about the great adventure that is my MfA, and so want to, as my lecturers are quite wonderful and may fellow bards are lovely.

But as my back-account quickly drains, my shoulders slowly rise up towards my ears, stress building tension permeating every fiber of my being. However, if the myths are to believed, hardship makes for great writers, so at the very least my grades should be good.

So maybe, for today, I will try and enjoy the thrill of free falling, lie on the wind and allow it to carry me somewhere unknown. And hope that there is a parachute packed safely on my back and that when I pull the cord, as I plummet downwards, it will releases and allow me to securely reach the ground.