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In good the old-fashion first-day-of-school tradition I decided to put my hair into pigtails yesterday morning. I do tend to do this anyway, but I couldn’t help and smile at how fitting it felt. And while I don’t have any first-day-of school photos of myself, as a cheeky four-year-old, I do know it was a very possible hairdo back then for my blond curls, so I enjoyed the idea of symmetry.

After a good hearty breakfast, strong tea and packing my school bag I set out for college – a symphony of emotions conducting my feet and thoughts.

The classroom is situated in the Oscar Wilde House overlooking Merrion Square and the famous lounging figure of Oscar Wilde himself can be seen form the windows. As the first-day-of-school-awkwardness ensued amongst myself and my fellow students introductions were made and first opinions formed – if correct is yet to be seen.

And so it began- my life as a MfA student. A long list of books to read, my first writing assignment and an empty flask of herbal tea later I was released back onto the sunny streets of Dublin, my schoolbag heavy on my shoulder, my mind whirling and my pigtails bouncing as I made my way back home.

With the promise of another great day ahead of me I pack my schoolbag again, no pigtails today, but a sense of where this year is heading and an idea of where I am going is forming in my mind!

The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.


Oscar Wilde lounging on Merrion Square, Dubllin

Oscar Wilde lounging on Merrion Square, Dublin