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To mark the beginning of a new adventure (my MfA) I decided to take myself out on a treat.

A while ago I had seen that the NCH (National Concert Hall) was hosting an intriguing performance called Blood & the Moon so when the Irish Times offered a special deal – with per-concert canapes and all- I decided it was the perfect night out to mark this new chapter in my life.

All year long Ireland has been celebrating the great Irish poet W.B Yeats (he was born 150 years ago) and the NCH asked renowned pianist and composer Thomas Bartlett (aka Dove of The Gloaming) to create an evening of Yeats words put to music. And this is exactly what he did.

Thomas Bartlett gathered a selection of friends and ‘friends he hadn’t met yet’, as Yeats would say, for an amazing evening of music and film. Caberatist Mx Justin Vivian Bond opened the night and a quick succession of other greats followed. Anna Calvi, Sam Amidon, Adrian Crowley, Cathal Coughlan , Robert Foster, Pat McCabe and Benedict Schlepper-Connolly all spoke or sang words inspired or directly taken from Yeats’ poems. But that wasn’t enough, the ‘band’ was equally amazing with Doug Weiselman on Saxophones, Brad Albetta on bass, Lisa Dowdall on viola and Paul Noonan on the drums.

This potpourri of national and international musicians and poets created a magical evening, one I am truly grateful to have been part of, and one I will be thinking of for a very long time. It will invade my dreams and hopefully inspire me to write a few poetic words of my own.

Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.

William Butler Yeats