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When I woke up this morning and ambled down to the kitchen I realised that I had forgotten to buy bread yesterday. As I stood staring into my empty breadbasket I decided that I wasn’t in the mood for muesli or porridge and baking bread would just take to long for my grumbling tummy. So pancakes it would be!

Whipping up eggs, milk and flour into a creamy batter and melting some butter in a pan only takes minutes and as the pancake turned golden brown I cut up some last strawberries, added a few blueberries and sprinkled them with a hint of sugar.

As I munched on my breakfast I could help but let out a sigh of joy, there is truly something very satisfying about pancakes – yummy comfort food in a flip of a pan.

There is hardship in everything, except eating pancakes

Baptist preacher Charles H. Spurgeon