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I think I may just have the best neighbours in Dublin – if not the world. The little street I live on is inhabited by a selection of wonderful human beings, each as different from each other as snowflakes and many of them just have the kindest hearts.

Over the past ten days or so things have been a little bit tricky for me in my work life (which I can’t quite discuss here or yet) but my friends and neighbours have been a  great support and hopefully things will soon change for the better.

One lovely neighbour even dropped me in some cake, lasagna and soup on Saturday morning – feeding me for the entire weekend- and I have to say I felt very cared for. An other lovely neighbour whisked me off to the community garden yesterday afternoon. She had seen me, through the window, sitting at my computer non-stop and decided it was time for some fresh air and sunshine.  And I have to admit I enjoyed my afternoon spent outdoors picking peas and beans.

So, today I have decided to pay my neighbours back and tackle my window boxes. After the long wet summer we have had they are now looking more than a little sad. I hope that by making my front of house look pretty again it will make them smile as they pass by my home. Maybe a not a hot dinner or some outdoor fun, but hopefully a bit of colourful joy spread down the street.

A good neighbour is a priceless tresure

Chines Proverb

a few of these to brighten up the windowsills

a few of these to brighten up the windowsills