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As I sit over my calendar trying to figure when to do what my mind keeps drifting back to a gallery opening I went to on Thursday evening.

I’ll sing you a song from around the town is renowned performance artist Amanda Coogan’s latest work and combines live performances with sculptures. Over a series of six weeks the Irish artist will move from sculpture to sculpture and perform individually designed performance pieces. As she moves on a collaborator will take her place, in the end all six performance piece will run simultaneously.

I am looking forward to experiencing this exciting and unique living work of art, even if I am not quite sure that I will fully understand it. After all, even though I am interested in the Arts,  performance pieces often elude me.

So as I try and figure out how to fit everything in to my 168 hours this week I am trying to find a time slot that I can use to visit the RHA over the next six weeks – I want to see the domino effect of performances and experience this Irish Artist in the stunning setting that is the RHA.

So as I ponder performance art and wrestle with my calendar I can’t help but feel grateful for my first world problem.

stunning 'sculpturs' waiting their turn in Amanda Coogan's six week performance piece

stunning sculptures waiting their turn in Amanda Coogan’s six week performance piece