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grogans17As many know pub-life is a big part of Irish culture – some believe it is all about the drink, but really it is all about the talk. And one of the best places in Dublin to find just that is Grogans on South Williams Street.

Like the good old fashioned pub that Grogans is, there are no TV screens or music to distract you from communicating with friends and strangers alike. Shyness is something you just have to leave at the door, since you’re probably going to end up sitting (or standing) next to someone you don’t know, but in no time you will definitely have made a new friend.

So, even though I am not drinking alcohol at the moment (an upcoming blood test requires my abstinence) what better place to go on a Thursday evening, when you have no other plans? Once in Grogans I met a friend and sat next to a couple of tourists and some “Bog Babes” from Kerry just back from a photo-shoot.

Later more friends arrived and a lively mother/daughter duo from Wisconsin and their Irish tour-guide joined us. As stories where told and memories made – some even captured on camera- I sipped my ginger ale, a little envious of those who indulged in a pint, and couldn’t help but think how wonderful a place like Grogans is. So, while some may enjoy a gastropub or a craft beer, Grogans and a proper chat is my pick any day of the week – even when I’m only drinking ginger ale!

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