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my little mobile office

Yesterday I had a few appointments in town so I decided to attempt a break in my routine. I packed my computer into my bag, added my lovely green earphones and was ready to try some writing away from my desk.

As I left my first appointment I decided to sit out on the terrace of The Woolen Mills, even if the sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds, and enjoy some coffee on the quays. 

To my surprise, and joy, for the first in a few weeks I was able to really write. As the words mounted and the story unfolded I couldn’t help but feel excited about what was happening. The only problem was that my next appointment was approaching quickly and I had to leave my inspiration behind.

And while I wasn’t able to recapture the flow in the afternoon I believe that a lesson was lernt – a break in your routine is like unlocking a door – you never know what you’ll find but if nothing else it is  a change of surroundings.

The less routine the more life.

Philosopher Amos Bronson Alcott