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American College Dublin

American College Dublin

As I glanced at the calendar this morning I realised something – one month, four weeks, twenty-eight days – that is the amount of time it will take until I start my MfA. And while I am excited and looking forward to this new chapter I am a little bit terrified of what it will actually mean.

Thankfully it is something I really want to do and I just hope my motivation (and hopefully talent) will carry me through the coming year. An added bonus is that for the first time in years I get to get myself ready for ‘school’. What a treat! After all my ‘stationary fetish’ rarely gets a chance to come out and play these days – there are only so-and-so many envelopes and notebooks a girl truly needs.

Over the years I have collected a good few notepads and my lovely sister has aided and abetted me in my papery passion, even my mother and some friends have added to my collection.

There is just something so beautiful about a new notebook – the clean pages promising so much, empty space longing for information. The only problem is I hate writing in them for the first time- ruining the pristine page with my ugly penmanship or haphazard drivel just doesn’t always feel right ( and I do already have three notepads on the go)- so I save them for something ‘better’.

So, as I countdown the days until the new semester begins, excitement bubbles up inside me. And since I will have to be putting pen to paper at an accelerated rate some of these lovely pads will finally be put to good use – ideas and information crowding the pages and hopefully more than a few “eureka” moments capture between the covers.

Now all i need to do is decide which ones to use!

my collection - all waiting to be used

my collection – all waiting to be used