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I’ve got lots of ambitions, but I only ever think of them when I’m lying around in my undies having a snooze

English Novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard (Mr Wrong)

As I was recently flicking through a magazine I stumbled upon this quote and had to laugh out loud. Not only is it clever, witty and more than a little sarcastic, it also fits me like a pair of well worn shoes.

Dreams I have plenty, and even the desire to make them real is there, but that drive that turns ambition from an emotion into an action is sorely lacking in my DNA. It is something I greatly admire in people and strive to obtain myself.

Not wanting to give up on the hope that one day I too shall be ambitious, I tore the page from the magazine and it now hangs by my desk.  But I have to admit that while it still makes me smile, it hasn’t changed me yet ( case in point : I am sitting in my pjs on a Sunday afternoon as I type this – giggling to myself).