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I have always loved stories, especially fairy tales – good triumphs over evil and the princess always gets the prince – a happily ever after as certain as the once upon a time. As a pigtailed little girl this is how I thought life was – days filled with adventures and wonder, riding off into the sunset included.

But as an adult somehow we lose that innocence and quickly learn that good does not always triumph and many single princesses are slaying their dragons on their own. And while this doesn’t mean that the world isn’t still filled with adventures and wonder we often do miss our happy endings.

Maybe our yearning for some happily ever afters are the reason why every now and then we buy a chick-lit or watch a  rom-com , just to remind us of those fairytale moments we loved as little girls. And there is really nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit of tacky romance or shedding a tear over some fictional heartbreak.

In my books there is no better time to indulge in some make-believe than a gray Sunday afternoon, and that is exactly what I did yesterday. As the evening approached, and with only sports and violence on the TV, I curled up into my nest of trow pillows and watched some soppy Hallmark movies.

Yes – they where predictable; yes –  the music always gave me the cues on what to feel and who to like, and yes – the stories where trite and unrealistic – but also yes – I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  For me, it was the perfect fairy tale Sunday – time to allow the little girl inside to remember, but always knowing that Monday morning is just one sleep away – the real world just lurking around the corner, with some real life dragons waiting to be tackled.

Happiness is like those places in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons; we must fight in order to conquer it.

Alexandre Dumas